Business Audio

Use the power and reach of audio to get highly targeted info to customers, employees, partners or the public. Examples include podcasts, sales presentations and training, product briefings and customer case studies.

Check out The News User Manual Podcast and Blog produced by Kane Nagle Media

Writing Services

As experienced journalists and business communicators we know how make your words stand out. Examples include blogs, social content, news releases, product literature, executive communications and many others.

Check out The News User Manual Podcast and Blog produced by Kane Nagle Media

Strategy & Planning

With deep experience in journalism, media relations and business communications, we have the expertise to help you maximize your market outreach and achieve your goals. 

Video Production

Enhance your online presence with essential visual content. We shoot, edit and render your video for internal or external distribution.

Check out our recent production for a community affordable housing association

Quality Content Wins

At work and at home, all of us are swamped by information from countless sources often of questionable accuracy, relevance and value. It is increasingly challenging to rise above the incessant noise to engage the people who need and want to hear from you. They key to breaking through is a thorough and consistent commitment to producing quality content. Quality matters. Quality wins.

Our services can be standalone or can dovetail in a truly synergistic way with your existing PR, creative and other communications services.


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Whether you're starting, expanding or enhancing your communications activities we can create a program tailored to your specific needs and goals.